Ruth reveals why she and Tom split - he had an affair. After much consideration from the help of Alison, Matt decides to have the twins christened.


Joe tells Annie that he's taken Ruth over to The Mill as she wanted to see if Jackie's pictures were on display. She explains that Jack paid her for them before she moved to Leeds. Annie is frosty with her. Janie's annoyed when Frank tells her that he's decided to take the job. Sam drags Matt to the shop to investigate the bell. He gets Matt to take it down so he can inspect it for markings that his father used to put on them. Matt takes it down and he realises it's not his. He leaves Matt to put it back up again. Annie bumps into Ruth in The Mill and tells her to leave. Sam tries again to talk Matt into having the twins christened. Janie tells Frank that she wishes he would have consulted her before taking the job. She worries about not knowing anybody and tells him she's not going. Amos and Henry drink to their partnership. Henry informs him that he won't be wanting his name above The Woolpack door. Ruth calls at the farm to apologise. She explains to Annie that she found out that Tom was having an affair and she talks about Jack. Annie is sympathetic but reminds her that her relationship with Jack is in the past. Ruth leaves quickly when Sam interrupts them. Matt breaks the news to the family that he's decided to have the twins christened.


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