Sam and Sally are christened with Alison and Janie as godparents. Frank has accepted the job in Essex and moves over with Janie and Ruth.


Matt ponders whether Jack will come back for the christening. Annie calls to see Janie and invites her to the christening party back at the farm. Janie gets upset as she tells Annie that Frank will be going to Essex alone. Henry quizzes Alison on Matt asking her to be godmother, along with Janie. Janie worries when Ruth goes missing. Henry teases Amos when he discovers he's been meeting with Ethel Ainsworth. He gets his own back by hinting to Alison that Henry's in partnership with him at The Woolpack. Frank shows Reverend Ruskin the finished war memorial. He's impressed. Ruth turns up at The Woolpack. Amos lets slip to her that Jack might be coming back for the christening. Annie's awkward when she turns up at the farm having bought the twins a small gift as an excuse to see if Jack's back. She tells Ruth that Jack isn't coming. Ruth tells Annie that what she told her about Tom was all lies. She admits to her that they're still married and Tom isn't working still. Matt asks Henry if he'll be godfather if Jack doesn't turn up at the church. Ruth calls to see Reverend Ruskin and discusses her marriage with him. She explains her marriage is joyless and she's struggling with Tom's laziness. He convinces her that she needs to stop looking to the past for happiness and focus on her future and her marriage to Tom. Ben and Beattie arrive to the christening late after their car breaks down. Frank convinces Janie to move to Essex with him.


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