Nick and Phil go over their plan for the robbery. Phil threatens to drop Nick in it with the police about the robbery money if he doesn't turn up. Matt puts presents under the Christmas tree and finds one addressed to him by Dolly. Eric gives Phil keys to Home Farm, which he has stolen from Caroline's handbag. The villagers are impressed by the Home Farm Estates's sleigh. Phil breaks into Home Farm. Archie makes Kate realise she should be having a great time with Mark and Rachel staying with David. Phil extinguishes the fire and takes the fireplace off the wall. Caroline notices Phil is missing but Eric manages to get her off his scent. Alan worries that he's forgotten about putting the fire guard up and Eric tried to stop him from checking. Kate surprises Joe when she turns up to Emmerdale Farm. The carol singers arrive at Emmerdale Farm. Matt and Dolly discuss this Christmas being their first apart for years. Kathy searches for Nick. Nick is horrified to see Phil wants to take the fireplace. Nick refuses to drive the van and Phil gets violent. Nick tells Phil he now has a hold over him so Phil tries to buy his silence, but Nick walks off. Henry finds Caroline's handbag. Archie hasn't set up the organ properly so Seth has to play the hymns on the piano. Amos buys a telescope for Henry to replace the one being stolen, believing that Henry's computer was his present as they had initially agreed to buy small presents. Amos tells him to keep it. Alan is horrified to return home and find the fireplace missing. Joe has bought Kate a ring, she loves it.


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Jackie Merrick: (on Alan Turner dressed as Santa Claus and Bill Middleton, Jock MacDonald and Seth Armstrong dressed as the Three Wise Men) "Wise men?! There's one for the Trades Description Act!"

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