Henry is relieved when Alison admits she isn't ready for marriage following Peter's death, and the pair later find Joe and Christine kissing. Sam finds a man has erected a tent on one of the farm's fields.


Sam watches as a man appears from the tent. Joe informs Annie he's going out for a meal. Henry gets dressed up and goes to see Alison. He invites her for a meal. Annie considers the idea of converting the loft into a bedroom. A man chats to Christine in The Woolpack. He introduces himself as Dryden Hogben when Joe arrives. Henry voices the idea of marriage again to Alison over their meal. She tells him that she can't think of marriage to anyone at the moment as she's yet to properly get over Peter's death and still misses him. Henry's disappointed but relieved to discover she's not interested in anybody else either. Joe's annoyed when he notices Henry has brought Alison to the same restaurant he has taken Christine to. Christine tells Joe that she likes him and they kiss. She invites Joe to her father's farm for the weekend. Henry and Alison witness them kissing. Annie clears out the front parlour in case Joe decides to bring Christine back. Ethel asks Amos to accompany her to a ball and believes his presence may improve the clientele of business at The Woolpack. Joe bumps into Dryden again when he turns up at the farmhouse to ask for water and explains he's living in a tent over in their field.


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