Henry is determined to get rid of Dryden, but is surprised when he offers to help muck out the cowshed. Matt and Alison spend more time together.


A 'To Let' sign has been put up outside of the Forge. Joe has a chat with Henry about the farm. He tells him he'll leave the idea of the holiday cottages to him to sort out as he wishes but he wants to put in a milk tank. Christine surprises Joe by turning up at the farm to help. Dryden teases Amos in The Woolpack. He annoys Joe and Henry when he turns up at Emmerdale Farm and Christine invites him for lunch. They question him on his lifestyle and he shocks them by saying he has no desire to work. Henry calls him a parasite and tells him to get off his land, but Dryden shocks them further when he offers to help them muck out the cow shed in return for lunch. Matt invites Alison fishing again. Amos is concerned when Henry tells him the suit he's planning on wearing to the ball is too out of fashion. Henry rings Joe to ask Christine to buy him a dinner suit.


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