The new tenants of Crossthwaite's Cottage, Franklin and Diana Prescott arrive. Joe is shocked to find Dryden has left all of a sudden.


Annie invites Dry for breakfast. Joe still can't take to him. Henry's old business acquaintance Franklin Prescott and his wife Diana turn up at The Woolpack. Franklin causes a scene between him and Diana. Annie, Joe, Henry, Sam, Matt and Alison sit down to dinner at the farm. Joe's suspicious when a gap in a wall is filled in on the farm and neither Matt, Sam or Henry have done it. Annie tells him Dry did it. Christine meets Dry on a country lane and gives him some money. Dry invites her to his tent which he has just moved to a more sheltered area. Joe's surprised when he goes to thank Dry for his help with the wall and discovers his tent has gone. He thinks Dry has moved on despite saying he plans to stay in the area. They suspect that he may not have liked the company he kept round here. Sally and Sam visit the farm. Franklin and Diana disagree over plans for the cottage. Sam speculates over who has gone into partnership with Amos at The Woolpack and ponders if it's Ethel.


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