Annie worries what Denis will do to the farm. Lynn offers to pay for Kathy's hair treatment as an apology for messing her hair up. Denis uses Henry to try to persuade the Sugdens to give up Emmerdale. Henry tells him to go away. Caroline and Alan angrily confront Denis when they find out their plans for Home Farm have been rejected. Jackie arrives back from his work trip as Kathy anxiously waits to find out if he she has got the milk recorder job. They're both overcome with disappointment when they discover Lynn got it. Denis arrives at the farm and angrily exchanges words with Joe. As he moves to leave, Joe's bull charges at Denis and pins him to the wall, crushing him. Joe drags Denis outside and discovers he's not breathing. Eric tells Alan that he's written out a contract regarding their business plan for Home Farm that Denis needs to sign. Denis is taken away in an ambulance.


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Memorable dialogue

Denis Rigg: "What is the point you're trying to make?"
Henry Wilks: "I think it's already been made, don't you?"
Denis Rigg: "Well not very clearly, no. So I'm married, so I've got children, so what? I'm ordinary, just like you, just like the Sugdens and I've got work to do here."
Henry Wilks: "Nasty work, Mr Rigg. Frightening people, children, an old woman. Does your wife know? Do your kids know what daddy does at the office, eh? I know your sort. Have you got any friends? Does anybody like you? Do you like anybody else?"

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