Joe is suspicious about Dryden, and is unconvinced when Dryden says he wants to reward their kindness. Christine is shocked to see Franklin and hides from him.


Christine apologises to Joe for being late, saying she went to look at Dry's tent but he'd moved it several fields away. Dry continues to wind up Amos over Ethel when he asks how she is. Later, Henry asks Amos outright if he's seeing Ethel. Amos is initially defensive until Henry explains he needs to know because if he's planning to wed Ethel and wants her to move in at The Woolpack it will affect him. Amos admits marrying her has crossed his mind. Joe questions why Dry states he doesn't like work and then starts doing odd jobs around the farm. Dry says he's just rewarding their kindness but Joe still isn't impressed with him hanging around. Franklin and Diana move into Crossthwaites' Cottage. They argue over moving the furniture. Dry offers to mend a plug fixing in the shop in return for a packet of tea and a tin of grapefruit. Henry isn't pleased when Dry says he's seen a few plug fittings around the back of the pub, revealing that he's been trespassing elsewhere. Henry invites Alison to a meal again but insists that he means just as friends. Alison agrees. Christine helps Joe out on the farm again. He questions why she's not helping on her father's farm, but she tells him there's no place for her there. Franklin calls at the farm to ask Henry if he'll help Diana move some furniture around at the house. Christine sees Franklin and tries to hide her presence.


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