Annie takes a liking to Christine when she admits her parents weren't happy together. Franklin informs Robert that Christine is in the village, and Annie leaves him with some good advice.


Dry buys Henry a drink when he gives him the money he's earned helping Diana. Joe is ecstatic with the milk tank. Christine explains to Annie that her parents aren't happily married and that her father won't let her live her own life. Annie is sympathetic and later admits to Henry she likes Christine. Amos begins faking a cough as he talks to Ethel on the telephone about the ball. Dry overhears him coughing and questions him on it. He calls at the shop to get some cough mixture for him. Henry's irritated when he finds out Matt is taking Alison to Leeds on Saturday night. Christine's father arrives at the farm looking for her. Amos is annoyed that Dry took the liberty to buy him cough medicine and is flummoxed more-so when Henry arrives in the pub in a panic having been told by Alison he's not well. Henry asks Dry if he'd be interested in carrying out a loft conversion at the farm. Annie talks to Mr. Sharp about Christine. He explains that Christine was living with him on his farm up until she left her job at the milk board and since then has cut any contact with him or his mother. He found out from his friend, Franklin, that Christine was staying at the farm and that was when he telephoned. He tells Annie that when he did see her, she wouldn't come home and just drove away. Annie questions what makes him think Christine will come home with him now and advises him to stop treating his daughter like a child. She suggests Christine stay with them for a while longer and he come back to see her at a later date to talk things over when things have settled. He agrees to take her advice and leaves.


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