Dolly informs Matt she wants a divorce. Elsewhere, Chris puts his foot in it with Kathy. Also, Rachel is devastated to learn Lynn's pregnant.


Matt and Dolly argue over money and where Sam will spend Christmas Day. Dolly blurts out that she wants a divorce and leaves Matt astonished when she says she's already seen a solicitor. David confronts Rachel on why she ran off from him the other night. She admits she was frightened that he'd do something to Pete. Joe is still annoyed by Jack's return and plans to rush ahead with developments at the farm before Jack has a chance to mess them up. Matt discovers the Tates' lorry full of sheep has been parked at a roadside all night long with the dead sheep dumped in a ditch. David runs into Pete in The Woolpack and drops hints that he knows about his affair with Rachel. Matt confronts Chris in the pub over the sheep. Chris tries to reason with him and mentions he's booked them on a ferry. Matt's angry and warns him that if the ewes aren't gone by the time he returns he'll report him to the RSPCA. Chris calls at Demdyke and asks Kathy if Jackie is available for a driving job. She tells him he's dead. He apologises and asks if he can use her phone as she offers him a cup of tea. David talks to Kate about Rachel falling behind at school. He tells her he'd like to be more involved with the kids. Kathy and Chris chat at Demdyke as he has his tea. Matt notices the lorry is still on the roadside and sets about unloading the sheep from it into a field. Pete confronts Rachel over David's knowledge of their affair. She tries to reassure him that David won't tell anyone else. He tells her that Lynn's pregnant and she's devastated to learn that the baby was planned. Chris invites Kathy to dinner but she declines. He finds Matt at the roadside unloading his sheep into a field and warns him he'll regret doing it. Matt says he will get the RSPCA onto him.


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