Matt informs Dolly he might be moving to Norfolk. Elsewhere, Jack takes an immediate dislike to his bullying boss. Also, Frank and Alan clash over their differing opinions whilst Kate warns Pete off Rachel.


Nick tells Kathy about his time in France. Alan shows David around the cattle market as he prepares to start work. Pete is sporting a black eye and bruised face. Kate confronts him over the affair and he admits he only ended it with Rachel because Lynn was pregnant. He says he plans to take Lynn on holiday for a while. Kate calls him pathetic and warns him that if he goes near Rachel again, he won't get off so lightly. Alan is surprised to discover Frank doesn't drink and is a conservationist. The pair soon fall out over their differing opinions. Annie isn't pleased as Jack heads off for his first day at the chip shop and blames Joe. Matt calls Frank back about the job in Norfolk. Sarah goes to see Jack at the chip shop and both are amused by his grumpy manager, Sid Flower. Dolly calls to see Matt, telling him she's worried about him. She says she wants him to know that they can still be friends. Matt tells her he's arranged a job interview at a farm in Norfolk and might be moving on. Eric revels in telling Kathy and Nick that Alan now owns Victoria Cottage and with Caroline no longer a sitting tenant it's doubled in value. Sarah tries to convince Jack to quit the chip shop, knowing he hates it. He tells her he can't go back to the farm with Joe feeling the way he does. Tired of hearing Joe laugh about Jack, Kate tells him she thinks he could do a bit more to help him. They fall out when she mentions that she isn't sure she wants to have a baby with him anymore.


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  • Teddy Turner is credited as Bill Whiteley but does not appear.
  • A customer at the fish and chip shop is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 10,860,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).
  • This episode was released on the following commercial releases:

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Annie Sugden: "A joke's a joke, Jack. When are you going to pull yourself together and do something sensible?"
Jack Sugden: "Oh, God save me from being sensible, I never could stand it."

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