Annie sorts out the bedding crisis at Emmerdale Farm, whilst Amos confides in Henry that he is worried about taking Ethel to the ball as he can't dance.


A boy pops into The Woolpack to deliver a letter to Amos - it's from Ethel. Matt reckons Jim Gimbel's goat has been having a go at Dry's tent when he sees it in a state. Annie invites him to stay at the farmhouse for the night. Henry arrives back at the farmhouse asking for a bed for the night as Amos has locked him out of The Woolpack. She bunks Matt and Joe together in one bed, Henry and Dry in another, asks Sam to sleep on the downstairs sofa and asks Christine to share her bed. The following morning, Amos realises he's locked Henry out and rings the farm to apologise. Dry takes a look at the farmhouse attic and tells them it's going to be a big job. He asks Henry to drop him off at Crossthwaites' Cottage and tells Diana that he'll be late giving her Franklin's shirt back as Annie's washing it. He also notes how Henry is taking Alison out tomorrow, Matt the day after and cheekily asks Alison if he can take her out the day after that. Henry arrives back at The Woolpack and walks in on Amos listening to music and dancing with a chair. Amos tells Henry that he's worrying about preparing for the ball as he's received a letter from Ethel. He confides in him that he can't dance. Henry tries to teach him.


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