Joe's annoyed when he discovers Kate's arranged for the kids to see David. Frank tells Kim he doesn't think Zoe's happy at university. Kim speaks to her and Zoe admits it's hard work. Amos calls to apologise to Kim but Zoe mistakes him as an applicant for a gardener and invites him for interview that afternoon. The Sugdens are informed the laying hens have tested positive for salmonella. Joe decides to sell the other birds but Kate worries about the health implications. Bill, Jock and Nick decide to apply for the gardening vacancy at Home Farm, while Dolly ponders the housekeeping vacancy. Kate storms out after an argument with Joe. Dolly applies for the housekeeper vacancy and gets called up for interview straight away. Kim is concerned by Dolly's lack of experience. Amos attends his 'interview' with Frank and explains he just wanted to apologise. Frank quizzes Amos on his stolen Christmas trees and gives him £120 towards his production of Dracula. Joe confides in Jack about his problems with Kate. Jack tries to persuade him that it will all blow over. Dolly's surprised when Kim mentions the housekeeper would need to live in. Kate joins Mark and Rachel at David's as they put up his Christmas decorations. Frank questions Kim why she was a week late arriving in Beckindale but she insists he's mistaken. Amos confronts Bill and Jock over the stolen Christmas trees. Nick plans to bluff his way through the interview for gardener having no knowledge. Zoe persuades Frank to give away the Christmas trees to the villagers as a gesture of Christmas goodwill but he plans to make an example of those who stole from him. David invites Mark, Rachel and Kate to a meal on Christmas Eve. Rachel and Mark agree but Kate refuses. Amos struggles writing the script for Dracula. Kim accuses Frank of being insecure and tries to assure him that she's not going to leave him for someone younger. Kate confides in David about Joe. He makes her realise that she's not happy anymore.


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