It is Nick's first day as gardener at Home Farm and he worries that Frank thinks he's more experienced that he really is. Annie isn't pleased when Lucy makes mess on the floor of the farmhouse again. Dolly also begins her first day as housekeeper at Home Farm and asks Annie if she'll take Sam to school for her. Sarah isn't impressed when Robert bounces on his bed at 6am. Frank sets Nick up with his first job - shoveling manure. Kim explains Dolly's duties to her. Kate receives a bunch of flowers from David and puts them straight in the bin. Nick continues in his attempts to impress Zoe but doesn't get anywhere. Sarah's annoyed when Annie barges into the cottage and asks her to knock in future. The farmhouse has central heating installed. Mark and his friends decide to try and trap mink in order to sell their fur. David calls to see Kate; she tells him to leave. Zoe interviews local farmers for a university project. Annie and Sarah clash when she barges into the cottage again. Sarah locks the interconnecting door. Dolly asks Nick to slip away and pick Sam up from school for her. Zoe calls at Emmerdale Farm and asks questions about chlamydia psittaci - a sheep disease that can affect pregnant women. Joe warns her that Kathy lost a baby because of the disease and refuses to tell her where she can be contacted. Kim tells Dolly she doesn't mind her bringing Sam in the house when Frank finds out Dolly sent Nick to pick him up. Zoe is upset at the local farmers response to her questions, especially Joe's. Mark and his friends set traps for the mink. Sarah moans to Jack about Annie and he agrees to have a word. Amos worries about his play when the majority of the cast drops out. Chris tries to give Kathy some advice when Amos asks her to take part in the play but she tells him to leave her alone. Lucy goes missing and gets caught in a mink trap.


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  • A farmer that Zoe Tate speaks to is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
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