Zoe receives the results back from the laboratory - they prove her right, the contamination is Cryptosporidium. Seth explains the bug to Alan and tells him that he has got a sick note for a fortnight. Sarah clears out Matt and Dolly's furniture from the cottage. Zoe calls to see Alan and tells him about the contamination; she also mentions that his fish farm could have been polluted from the slurry at Emmerdale Farm. Alan storm up to see Joe and tell him he'll be informing the National Rivers Authority. Zoe offers to test their calves. Amos calls to see Frank at Home Farm and tells him about the Koi carp found at The Woolpack. Jack asks Zoe if she has dropped out of university and tries to give her some advice and encouragement; she seems to listen to him. Nick phones Hotten Aquatics and enquires about the price of Koi Carp. Joe and Kate leave for their holiday in Lanzarote, but not before Annie finds out about the pregnancy; she is delighted. Sam is upset to see that his dad's furniture is being taken away. Nick asks Zoe to help him get the water in Frank's pond tested. Sam goes missing. Annie and Dolly are frantic but Eric turns up with him, having found him stowed away in the furniture van when it went to the market. Kathy apologises to Chris for standing him up. He brings another woman, Maxine, into The Woolpack. Frank and Zoe talk about her future; she has decided to go back to university.


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Memorable dialogue

Alan Turner: (to Zoe Tate) "Look my dear, if I had a pound for everytime Seth Armstrong has swung the lead, I'd be living at Home Farm instead of you."

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