Alan prepares to interview for an office secretary. Annie reminds Jack that it would have been Kathy and Jackie's second wedding anniversary today. Kathy gets upset as she tells Jack she misses him. Seth watches a stream of young girls going into Alan's cottage and when he brings a young girl into The Woolpack, Seth, Bill and Jock tease her so much she walks out on him. Lynn calls round to Kathy's to say goodbye; she is leaving Beckindale with Pete. Lynn tells Kathy that Pete has been offered promotion in the West Midlands and is relieved to be leaving the village and Rachel. George Starkey, a driver with Tate & Son's tells Chris that he has a parcel for Kathy Merrick. Elsa Feldmann visits Rachel at Emmerdale Farm. Rachel asks about her brother Michael. Kathy is depressed because Lynn is leaving. Nick drags her to The Woolpack and they meet with Rachel, Mark and Elsa. They moan about there being nothing to do. Seth tries to move the youngsters off the dominoes table. Nick says if they have to move they will go and drink somewhere else, but Amos is too worried about losing Wilf Henshaw - a champion dominoes player from The Malt Shovel - so Nick, Elsa, Kathy, Mark and Rachel leave. Kathy lends Nick the keys to her car to drive them all to The Black Bull in Hotten to see a band as she stays behind. Sarah is left looking after Robert when Jack is late home. George hands Kathy a package telling her that it is from Jackie and that he has got a message from him.


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