George tells Kathy that he stopped off at a cafe while on a run down to Southampton; it was called The Halfway House and Kathy recognises the name as somewhere she once went with Jackie. The package contains a sweater of Jackie's which he left behind at the cafe; he tells her that a psychic woman named Mary Smith has been in touch with Jackie. Kathy is quite comforted by her message. Nick, Rachel, Mark and Elsa arrive at The Black Bull in Hotten; they meet Elsa's brother, Michael. Seth and Wilf win the dominoes match at The Woolpack. Amos worries about the loss of trade. Mark is told to leave the The Black Bull because he is underage. A gang of youths follow them out, but Michael comes to their rescue. Kathy phones Mary Smith, convinced that the woman is telling the truth. The following morning, Annie is worried as Emmerdale Farm have been fined by the NRA for the slurry incident and notice has appeared in the Hotten Courier. Nick asks to meet Elsa for a drink. Kathy asks George to take her to Southampton on his next run. Nick threatens to boycott The Woolpack if Amos does not cater for the younger generation. Jack tries to stop Kathy going to meet Mary. Elsa attends her interview with Alan but she is put off when he asks her rather personal questions and touches her knee. Sarah is furious when she has to postpone a night out because Jack is late home. Chris finds out about Kathy wanting to go to Southampton and bans George from taking her. Jack accuses Sarah of being selfish and tells her to grow up.


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