Nick teases Kathy about going to Southampton. Jack is upset to receive a letter telling him that Emmerdale Farm are to be fined £1200 for the slurry pollution. Sarah makes things worse by telling him that her boss is coming round for a meal and she wants him out of the way. Chris warns George Starkey again about not taking Kathy to Southampton. Amos and Henry start to clear out all the junk in the old tap room - Seth wants the room for him and his cronies, while Nick wants it for the younger people. Elsa tells Nick she thinks Alan is a dirty old man. Nick laughs and tells her to reconsider the job offer. Annie tries to persuade Kathy not to go to Southampton, but she has made up her mind. Alan agrees to give Elsa another interview and Nick tries to build up her confidence. Frank and Kim argue about investment in the stables. Elsa goes to see Alan again and tries a bit of flattery. Sarah's boss arrives for dinner. Frank tells Alan that he has to move his horse from the Tates' stables; he also enquires about the Feldmanns. Jack interrupts Sarah's cosy evening when he rushes in to call the vet and drags Philip off to help deliver a calf. Amos lets the youngsters have the tap room to themselves. Sarah tells Jack that she has had enough and that she is leaving in the morning. Chris sees George driving his lorry with Kathy seated beside him.


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