Christine tells Robert that she won't be coming home as she's decided to stay at Emmerdale Farm longer. Alison tells Henry that she doesn't want to marry, but this doesn't stop him from pondering what life together would be like.


Diana suggests modernising the shop to Alison, but Alison tells her the villagers won't be keen. Diana later mentions the thought to Henry. Matt calls in to tell Alison that he's sorted out transport to Hotten for them tomorrow. Christine speaks to her father and tells him she's planning to stay at the farm longer. Alison and Henry go out for their meal. They talk about marriage and she says she didn't come back to Beckindale to get married. Henry tells her that if she was to find someone to marry again, he'd wish her well. He ponders how life would be if they were together. Henry sees Dry hanging around outside the Forge when he passes later that night. He arrives back at The Woolpack to discover he has also been invited to Lord Gargrave's Wild Life Ball, but he realises he will be covering the bar for Amos. Henry teases Amos over Ethel.


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