Sarah is still determined to leave Emmerdale Farm. She rows with Jack. The teenagers help Amos to clean out the tap room. Annie is full of cold and Sarah pours her problems out to her, saying she is fed up of being a part-time mother and housewife. Rachel asks Sarah if she can give her some driving lessons. George takes Kathy to Southampton and she meets Mary Smith. Mary tells Kathy that she found the jumper and heard Jackie's voice telling her to give it to George and also mentions the word Demdyke. Sarah takes Rachel on a driving lesson where they discuss her relationship with Jack. Mary gets in touch with Jackie for Kathy; he is telling her not to be afraid and to start living again. Sarah packs her things and is about to leave when she walks in on Robert playing near the fireplace and is forced to look after him as Annie has fallen asleep. Kathy tells George that it was worth the trip and kisses George on the cheek not realising Chris is watching. Kim asks Alan to arrange a meeting with the hunt secretary. Chris sacks George for taking Kathy to Southampton. The teenagers cannot believe how old the music that Amos has chosen for the jukebox is. Sarah makes up with Jack.


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