Mark complains because Rachel is cooking a vegetarian Sunday dinner. Amos bans music in The Woolpack on a Sunday. Nick doesn't know how to ask Elsa out. Meanwhile, Elsa tells Rachel that she doesn't know why Nick hasn't asked her out yet. Mark, Rachel and Elsa sit down to Sunday lunch at Emmerdale Farm. Kathy argues with Chris when she finds out he sacked George. He tells her he'll think about it if she stops going to see Mary. George goes to see Frank about being sacked. Frank refuses to help, but George threatens him threatening to expose one of his secrets. He reminds Frank that he was present when a doctor visited his first wife and overheard Frank asking the doctor for pills to help her on her way. Frank throws George out. Alan offers Elsa the job as his assistant and she accepts. Jack tries to persuade Kathy to forget about Southampton. Mark goes shooting with his dad. Nick tries to ask Elsa out again, but fails. Rachel is having a driving lesson with Sarah; as she drives carefully past Alan on his horse, a car overtakes and Champion throws Alan off and bolts. Zoe leaves for university. Alan finds his stallion - covering one of Kim's mares. David buys Mark a mountain bike. Alan asks Sarah and Rachel to keep quiet about Champion. Frank tells Chris never to re-employ George.


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