Kathy tells Jack that she is going on another visit to Southampton. Kim calls to see Chris and asks if he knows why Frank and George argued so violently. Alan has to wear a sling after his horse bolted. Elsa arrives for her first day and Seth says that he is fit enough to come back to work. Elsa's first task is to buy Alan a packet of biscuits. Chris has a meeting with George and asks him what he said to his father. George tells him that when his mother died, Frank was responsible for putting her to sleep and adds that Kim was in on it as well. Chris is hurt and upset. Kim notices marks on her mare; she realises that a stallion has covered the mare and is furious to think it may be pregnant. Chris refuses to tell Kim what happened between Frank and George. He calls at the farm to see Kathy but Jack informs him that Kathy has gone to Southampton. Alan is invited to Home Farm for a meal and begins to panic. Chris asks Jack about Jackie as he helps with lambing. Sarah moans to Annie again as Jack is busy lambing and unable to look after Robert. Annie tells her that farming is a 24-hour job; she offers to babysit so that Sarah can go out. Seth and Wilf invade the tap room to play dominoes. David arrives at The Woolpack to find Mark drunk and has a go at Amos for serving alcohol to a minor. Jack hands a lamb to Sarah and asks her to look after it but she doesn't know what to do. Nick gets round to asking Elsa out. David takes Mark back to the farm and asks him to come and stay with him. Mark says he will think about it.


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