Zoe prepares to go back to Edinburgh University. There is a strained atmosphere at Home Farm. Frank tells Kim that he will not be made to feel like a murderer. Kim says she wants to sort things out with Chris. Alan receives a phone call telling him that Lord Luscomb, the Master of the Hunt has died; he was meant to be hosting the Hunt Ball. He's told to ask Frank instead. Frank refuses to give George a reference. Jack tells Kathy that Joe injected some of the cattle with steroids in the summer. Kathy is shocked. Frank looks around Blackthorn Farm and voices his idea of a show farm for tourists. He reminds Elizabeth and Michael that they are two months overdue with the rent. Kim calls to see Chris but he doesn't want to listen to her. George asks Kim to speak to Frank about him having his job back. Taking pity on him, she agrees to mention it. Kathy is still concerned about the cattle being injected with steroids and asks Jack not to sell the calves. Joe and Kate return from their holiday. Rachel and Mark meet their father after school. Alan is still bothered by the thought of Frank hosting the Hunt Ball. David asks Rachel and Mark to go and live with him in Hotten. Jack and Joe row about the calves as he plans to sell them on, despite steroid use being illegal. Alan asks Frank if he will host the Hunt Ball at Home Farm. Kim is enthusiastic about the idea, but Frank isn't. She mentions re-employing George but Frank refuses. George startles Kim as he appears outside as she takes the rubbish out. She tells him Frank won't give him his job back.


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