Henry asks Amos if he is really going to publish the details about Frank, mentioning that the Hotten Courier will probably be sued if he does. Amos becomes convinced that Henry is planning to kill him after they discuss the ethics of euthanasia and Henry admits he'd put him out of his misery if he had to. Kate finds out that Joe is planning to sell the calves at market. Michael brings Frank the overdue rent but it is less than Frank expected. Rosemary turns up at the Fish Farm to see Alan. He lets her believe that he lives at Home Farm. Seth makes fun of Alan in front of Rosemary. Chris tells Frank that he is resigning as Managing Director of the haulage firm. He later overhears Seth talking about euthanasia. Michael is not pleased to hear that Chris has paid the Feldmanns rent. Seth makes a fool of Alan in The Woolpack. Joe admits that it was a mistake injecting the herd with steroids, but he still insists that they are going to market. Rachel lets slip to David that Joe and Kate are expecting a baby; he storms into the farmhouse threatening them both.


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