Kate and Sarah talk about the steroid problem. Sarah says they will have to compromise. Chris clashes with Frank when he goes to collect his belongings from the office. He takes Kathy off to Skipdale saying he has a surprise for her and takes her shopping for a ballgown for the Hunt Ball. They are seen by George Starkey who is upset because he had his eye on Kathy. David steals a gun from Alan's house. George makes an insulting comment about Kathy leading to Chris chasing after him in his car. Kathy tells him to stop and grow up. Rosemary calls on Alan and asks if he wants to commune with nature on his estate with her. Seth makes it awkward for him to refuse. Kate tells Jack that they will have to risk selling the beef, but in return Joe has to agree to let Emmerdale farm organic land. Alan and Rosemary bump into Kim on Home Farm land; she asks him not to make a habit of walking there. Alan is sheepish. David tells Mark that he is going away after he has tied up a loose end. Frank invites Henry to the Hunt Ball. Elsa asks Nick to come and meet her mum. Chris and Kathy share a cosy drink in The Woolpack. Nick and Elsa share a kiss at Demdyke but when Nick attempts to take things further, Elsa rushes out. David vows to get Kate back.


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