It's the night of the Hunt Ball, Kim is quite flustered and Dolly is busy organising the ball. Henry explains to Amos how he watched his wife Margaret die of cancer, this makes Amos understand Frank's situation. Henry escorts Annie to the Ball. Nick worries about meeting Elsa's mum. Alan arrives early at Home Farm worrying that Rosemary may arrive and find out that he is not the real owner of Home Farm. Elizabeth gives Nick a hard time over dinner. David turns up at the farm and apologises for upsetting Rachel; he seems obsessed with Kate. As the ball gets underway, the event is interrupted by a loud horn sounding outside. It is George Starkey in a 32-ton lorry with the words 'Who killed Jean Tate' plastered on the side. He proceeds to cause a scene in front of everyone. Frank makes an emotional speech in front of the guests telling them the truth about his wife. They all listen in silence, then Chris hugs Frank.


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