Sarah and Jack discuss steroids; she has read a lot about them. Zoe arrives home, not knowing about the Hunt Ball incident. Seth worries when he discovers a gun missing. Rosemary keeps calling at Home Farm to speak to Alan. Jack decides to go to market with Joe when he sells the calves; he says he will stick by him whatever happens. David tells Seth that he will tell Alan about the missing gun, but doesn't. Elsa tells Alan that he should tell Rosemary the truth. Jack and Joe take the beef herd to market; they are both nervous. Rosemary turns up at Home Farm looking for Alan and finds out that he doesn't live there. The Sugdens calves are auctioned at Hotten Market. They are relieved when they get a good price. Rosemary turns up at Alan's cottage and accuses him of being a lying, cheating lothario and walks out on him. David tells Seth that Alan has got the missing gun. Zoe has got a job at Bennetts Vetenary Practice in Hotten when she graduates. David phones Joe and asks to meet him. Frank and Chris clash over the haulage business. Chris seems to regret resigning. David tells Joe that he is leaving Beckindale for good.


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