David is prowling round the farm spying on Joe and Kate with the gun he took. Kim is losing business since the Hunt Ball incident. Frank has a visit from the police. They ask him to accompany them to the station to be questioned about Jean's death. Henry Braithwaite from the Ministry of Agriculture turns up and tells Joe that his beef herd have been impounded and are being examined. They suspect the unauthorised use of steroids. He asks to examine all their stock. Zoe tells Kim that she has been offered a job in Hotten, but she is worried about all the gossip concerning her father. Emmerdale Farm Ltd. meet to discuss the steroid problem. Henry worries that the reputation of the farm may be harmed. Kim is anxiously waiting for news of Frank. Chris tries to trace where the police have taken him. Eventually Frank turns up and states the police are not pursuing the case. Chris decides to come back to work for the haulage firm. Nick is fed up because Elsa is not allowed out. Chris does not turn up for a date with Kathy. Rachel gives Nick advice about Elsa. Kathy calls round to see Chris at work. They get a takeaway and end up spending the night together in the office. Joe and Kate get up for milking in the morning and are confronted by David and his shotgun.


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