David points the shotgun at Joe and tells him that he is going to finish it. Kate tries to persuade him to put the gun down. She tells him that he will have to kill them both. Finally he lets Joe have the gun and runs off saying he is sorry. Kate stops Joe from calling the police. He takes the gun back to Alan - broken in two. Frank invites Kathy for dinner. Kate is upset about her ordeal. Rachel wonders what is going on with her mum and Joe. Alan gives Seth and Elsa roasting about the gun going missing. Kate doesn't want Rachel or Mark to find out about their father. Jack offers to go and find him. He tells Alan the full story and he offers to go to Hotten with Jack to find David. They arrive at his flat which seems to have been abandoned, and find notes left for Kate and the children. The note to Kate apologises for everything, she gets upset. Chris is surprised to hear that Kathy has been invited to Home Farm for dinner. Kate worries what to tell her children about their father and decides to tell them that Alan has sacked him and that he had to go away. Rachel blames herself. Kathy goes to dinner at Home Farm, she feels uneasy in the house. Frank finds out that Zoe has been offered a job in Hotten. Chris hints of planning to ask Kathy to marry him.


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