Joe has booked a table for four for his and Kate's anniversary. Rachel is furious with Kate as she tells her she's found out about David, she hopes the police catch him. Kate goes in search of Mark in order to tell him about his father. Rumours are spreading about David - mainly from Seth. Alan gives Nick a letter from the poll tax that was delivered to Victoria Cottage. Mark overhears Seth and Nick discussing his father. Chris asks Kathy out again. Kathy is disappointed when Joe says he will have to sell 3 Demdyke Row. Kate finally catches up with Mark, but it is too late as he is already upset. Kathy worries about where Nick will move. Frank asks Dolly to give up her afternoon off to help him out. Rachel and Mark talk about their father; Mark cries. The Woolpack is alive with gossip over David. Alan is furious to find out that Elsa has told people about David. Kathy tells Chris that she and Nick are going to be homeless. Frank shows a group of men around the Fish & Game Farm. He talks of plans for a car park and a new road. Mark apologises for upsetting Kate. Seth tells Alan about Frank's plans. Alan has no intention of letting Frank's plans come to fruition.


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