It's Joe and Kate's first anniversary. A 'For Sale' sign goes up at 3 Demdyke Row and Eric taunts Kathy. Chris asks Kathy out on a mystery date. Eric receives a visit from a glamorous woman - Debbie Wilson; she has come to ask his advice about setting up an antiques business. Alan worries about Frank's plans for the fish farm. Debbie asks Eric to look over some properties in Hotten with her. Rachel asks Mark not to mention to Joe that the restaurant he has booked for the anniversary meal is the same one they went to with their father on Christmas Eve. Kate thanks Joe for one of the best years of her life. Dolly and Liz have a night in with a bottle of wine and the children. Dolly tells Liz that she loves her work. Eric takes Debbie for a drink in The Woolpack. Jock and Bill are jealous. She asks him about his past and he tells her that he was married, but that his wife went off with someone else. Joe, Kate, Rachel and Mark go to Angelo's for a meal. Joe thanks them for accepting him into their family. Mark seems ill at ease. Chris takes Kathy to a casino. Alan confronts Frank about his plans for the fish farm. Frank informs him that he should be making money out of tourists. He proposes that he should invest some money in the fish farm so Alan can expand. Kathy is amazed when Chris spends £500 in the casino. Mark storms out of the restaurant when Kate stops him drinking. He arrives at the farmhouse and Annie tries to give him some advice. Chris asks Kathy to spend the night with him.


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  • The unknown child actress portraying Judy MacDonald appears uncredited.
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