Elsa arrives for her first day in charge at the fish farm. Seth is ready to make it hard for her. Rachel notices Mark's new pen; he tells her that his dad gave him it for Christmas. Jack invites Sarah out for the evening. The Tates prepare for the press conference. Mark steals some chocolate from the shop. Henry wants to buy a microwave for the pub, but Amos objects. Seth leaves Elsa to cope on her own while he goes for a pint. The press conference gets underway at Home Farm. Frank tells everyone that he bought the 650 acres of Home Farm in order to make money and benefit the local community. Jock and Bill ask Mark if he wants to beat for them. Frank continues his speech and explains his plans for the Fish & Game farm; he also tells the press that the Feldmann Farm is to become a museum of rural life and announces plans for a caravan park and golf course. Jack turns up at Home Farm and asks Nick if he and Elsa can babysit tonight. The Woolpack drinkers gossip about Frank's plans. Nick comments the village will have to be renamed 'Tateland'. Seth challenges Amos to spend a night in The Woolpack cellar to prove he is not scared of ghosts. Elsa asks Nick not to rush her into anything. Debbie confides in Eric about her husband, Barry; she says she is a widow and flirts with Eric. Seth shows Bill and Jock a mask he is going to use to scare Amos. Nick kisses Elsa but they are interrupted by Robert. Amos prepares to spend the night in The Woolpack cellar not knowing that Seth is skulking around upstairs. Sarah and Jack arrive home from their meal to find Nick and Elsa asleep and Robert watching television. Seth tries to scare Amos, but he guesses who it is. Meanwhile, Henry makes ghost-like noises upstairs and scares them both.


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