Sarah covers for Mark. Henry has bought a microwave oven for the pub lunches, but Amos is not impressed. Frank shows Kim round the barn conversion he is having renovated. Eric views a prospective property with Debbie and offers to help her get started. Michael is furious when he hears about Frank's barn conversion. Jock calls at Home Farm and upsets Kim. Frank visits the Game Farm and tells Alan that he wants to double the size of the shoot. Elsa is jealous of Zoe - she thinks that Nick fancies her. Mark is seen shoplifting by the owner of the newsagents, but he manages to run away and feels pleased with himself. Kathy tells Jack that she is planning a surprise for Chris. A police car arrives at Emmerdale Farm and Mark automatically thinks that he is going to be arrested for shoplifting. He is later relieved to find that the police only want to talk to him about the hare coursing. Kim buys Chris a rocking chair as a housewarming present. Kathy decides to sell her bed - thinking that it has brought her bad luck. Eric offers to buy it for Debbie for £300. The Woolpack continues to be alive with discussion of Frank's plans for Beckindale. Kathy decides to move in with Chris at Home Farm. Jack wishes her luck. Debbie tells Eric that she is worried that she may lose the shop if she cannot come up with the money. Amos decides to ask Annie if she will do some home cooking for the pub after he insults their regular pie supplier. Nick asks Elsa if she wants to stay the night, she refuses but hints she will another night. Chris arrives home to find Kathy waiting for him.


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