Jack has been birdwatching and noticed a pair of peregrines nesting at Keller Fell. Chris and Kathy spend their first morning together in the nursery flat. Kate feels unwell. Kathy and Dolly are embarrassed when they meet in the Home Farm kitchen over breakfast. Alan tells Seth that the game farm is being expanded. Seth is worried that he may have to start working hard. Kim is still feeling guilty about injuring Jock. Frank tells her to forget him. Henry, being a keen birdwatcher is excited about the peregrine sighting. Amos is preoccupied by the lack of bar food. Dolly is not happy when Kim asks her to do Kathy and Chris's shopping for them. Amos plucks up the courage to ask Annie about cooking for The Woolpack. She agrees to help for a couple of days. Eric gives £1500 to Debbie and tells her that he wants to invest in her business. Annie offers Kathy some advice about Chris. Elsa seems keen to see Nick, but he has to work late for Frank. They agree to make it another night. The atmosphere is strained between Kathy and Dolly. Mark is caught shoplifting from a supermarket in Hotten. He is arrested and taken away by Sgt MacArthur. Annie voices her fears about Kathy and Chris to Dolly. Joe takes a call from the police about Mark, he and Kate rush off to the police station leaving Annie wondering what is going on. Nick and Elsa kiss. She asks him to be careful when they eventually sleep together. Mark gives a statement to the police and receives a lecture from Joe and Kate. Debbie and Eric celebrate her buying a shop. Mark receives a telling off from the Detective Inspector, but discovers he is not going to be charged. During the interview, Kate faints.


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