Rachel cannot sleep because she is worried about her A-level examinations. Jock looks around Home Farm and gives Zoe the creeps. Seth tells Alan that he will need help if Frank is serious about doubling the number of shooting days, he threatens to leave. Jock barges into Home Farm's kitchen. Kate tries to encourage Rachel to continue studying. Jock sneaks some whisky from the Home Farm drinks cabinet. Elsa plans her night with Nick while Rachel gives her an alibi. Kate is upset when she comes back from her doctors appointment, she tells Kathy that she miscarried because of a womb virus. Alan asks Eric if he can borrow Debbie for the evening for his civic do. Eric refuses and suggests he asks Kim. Elsa tells Nick that her Aunt Jessie is ill and her mum will be going up to Carlisle to visit. Nick's pleased as it means that they can spend the whole night together. Frank and Kim look over his barn conversion site. Michael is hostile towards Frank about the idea. Dolly catches Jock looking through Frank's private plans. She tells him off. Kate tries to tell Mark that he was not to blame for her miscarriage, but he doesn't want to listen. Alan calls at Home Farm and asks if Kim could accompany him to the Hotten Borough Council Civic Dinner. She says she is busy, but nominates Dolly instead. Dolly agrees, but is not very happy about the idea. Frank agrees to babysit for Sam. Joe and Kate tell Rachel that she can have a car if she passes her exams. Nick and Elsa leave The Woolpack together, he picks up the wrong coat. Kate tells Mark that he was not to blame for her losing the baby, he is relieved. Alan is looking forward to taking Dolly out. A pub regular hands in Nick's coat to Amos.


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