Rachel asks Kathy to give her some driving lessons. Mark is jealous because Rachel has been promised a car if she does well in her exams. Michael telephones Emmerdale Farm and asks if Elsa got off to work on time. Annie tells him that Elsa has not slept there and Rachel feels guilty. Elsa and Nick kiss goodbye after their first night together. Dolly tells Zoe about her forthcoming date with Alan. Jock walks in and they both ignore him. Joe is worried about Kate working so soon after her miscarriage. Rachel tells Elsa that Michael knows she did not stay at Emmerdale. Zoe catches Jock stealing some brandy. she argues with him about the hare coarsing and tells him that she hopes he gets sent down. Eric takes Debbie into the country and tells her how happy he is, he asks her to marry him and she accepts. Elsa tells Rachel that she and Nick did not take any precautions when they slept together, both Rachel and Nick reassure her that she cannot be pregnant. Michael and Jock discuss the Tates. Jock resents their money, while Michael resents Frank trying to turn his farm into a museum. Alan tells them that he thinks Frank's plans will affect the village economy significantly. Kate sprays organic growth stimulator on one of the fields. Zoe tells Frank that she caught Jock stealing drink. Alan congratulates Eric on his forthcoming marriage. Eric tells Alan that Debbie cannot come to the Hotten Civic dinner as she has had to go and see an uncle in hospital. Michael tells Nick to think of a better alibi next time. Frank babysits for Sam. Sam beats him at chess. Elizabeth tells Elsa that she should get to know Nick better. Dolly is annoyed when Alan's car breaks down and she ends up in The Woolpack. She gets on quite well with Alan and they play on the fruit machine in the taproom. Michael pleads with his mum not to give in to Frank. He tells her that Frank has got to be stopped.


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