Frank has been for a run. Jock is confident that he is not going to be sent to prison, he tells Bill that he will probably just get a fine. Dolly receives her decree nisi, she tells Kim that she had a good night with Alan. Frank is abrupt with Michael when he finds him taking a short cut across his land. Kathy takes Rachel on a driving lesson. She finds it difficult to concentrate. Jock is furious when he arrives back from the court having received a £1600 fine and is bound over to keep the peace for eighteen months. He storms out of The Woolpack after Amos hints that he was guilty. Rachel parks Kathy's Citroen CV up in Hotten, but leaves the hand break off. The car rolls down the hill into some roadworks. Kathy is furious with Rachel. Frank warns Jock to be on his best behaviour. Elsa feels more at ease with Nick. Kathy and Rachel arrive back at Emmerdale Farm in a taxi. Debbie asks Eric if she can borrow some more money to take her stock out of storage and he writes her a cheque. Dolly bears the brunt of Jock's tongue. Rachel feels terrible about Kathy's car. Chris tells Kathy that her car has been declared a write off. He makes an insensitive remark and she storms off. Alan and Dolly share a bottle of wine in the kitchen at Home Farm. She tells him that she feels strange living in someone else's house. Frank and Kim arrive home early to find the barn conversion on fire. Frank is sure that it has been set on fire deliberately.


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  • A construction worker is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Additional Credits: Paul Weston (Stunt Arranger); Ian Rowley (Visual Effects Design).
  • This episode was released on the following commercial releases:
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