Kathy tells Chris that she would feel embarrassed turning up at Emmerdale Farm in her new car, she gets a lift with him instead. Jock turns up for work at the game farm and gets a hard time from Seth for turning up late. Elsa does not seem able to concentrate on her work and is rather cold towards Nick. Joe and Jack fix the roof at 3 Demdyke Row. Joe is worried that it is not selling. Jack tries to convince him to farm organic lamb. Rachel is busy revising. Kathy talks to Kate about Chris buying her a car. Kate tries to convince her to keep it. Amos tells Sarah that he has been asked to cover the Connelton Show for the Hotten Courier. Joe receives an offer on 3 Demdyke Row, but thinks it is too low - £59,000. Joe goes out for a ride with Kim. He questions her about Frank and what he is planning to do with his land but she tells him to speak to Frank. Jack and Henry discuss organic farming. Kim is annoyed that Joe tried to use her to get information about Frank's plans. Kim tells Dolly to keep Sam under control. Nick tries unsuccessfully to talk to Elsa. He later realises that she's probably upset about his criminal past. Kathy tells Chris that she has decided to accept the car, but he pretends that he has taken it back to the garage. They have a pretend fight. Sarah receives a letter from the council telling her that her mobile library service is being axed. She has been offered an office job in the housing department and has two weeks to make a decision. Jack comforts her and tells her that there will be plenty of work for her to do on the farm. This is not what Sarah wants to hear.


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