It is the day of the Connelton Show. Kathy is showing her sheep, Annie is entering the cake competition and Kate is putting Lucy in for the obedience trials. Mark is embarrassed to find out that he has to look after Lucy. Zoe tells Dolly that she has to judge the children's pet competition. Amos wears a check suit and a press badge. Sgt MacArthur turns up at Blackthorn Farm and asks to search the premises. Nick is puzzled by Elsa's cool attitude. Forensic experts find a glove in Michael's truck which matches one found at the scene of the fire. Kate, Joe, Rachel and Mark arrive at the show. Dolly arrives with Sam and Alan. Chris brings Kathy a bottle of champagne to drink at the show. Annie talks to Sarah about her imminent redundancy. She tells her that there will always be plenty of work for her on the farm. Joe panics when he sees a man who looks like David Hughes. Lucy shows Mark up at the obedience trials. Alan asks Dolly if she would like a day out at Knaresborough, she agrees. Sgt MacArthur arrives at the show and arrests Michael on suspicion of starting the fire at Tate's barn.


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Memorable dialogue

Annie Sugden: "You seem to think there are no rewards to this job. It's not all slog."
Sarah Connolly: "No?"
Annie Sugden: "No! Oh, you don't have to tell me about the cold and the mess and the grind... getting out of a warm bed at five o'clock on a winter's morning... but the satisfaction of rearing healthy animals, to see them with their young ones in the spring, to produce a good crop against all odds and the sheer joy of having faced and defeated another winter."

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