Alan tells Nick that Elsa has phoned in sick. Elizabeth brings Michael home from the police station, he has been given bail. Sarah tells Kathy and Jack that she is frightened of being unemployed. Frank is upset because his Fromage Frais keep disappearing out of the fridge. Elizabeth tries to convince Michael to fight his case. Joe has made an appointment to see Frank, he has got an offer to put to him. Sarah tells Amos that the mobile library service has been cut. He is appalled and tells her that something should be done. Alan threatens Jock with the sack for slacking off work. Nick tries to see Elsa, but she hides from him. Elizabeth calls to see her and asks if she has had a row with Nick. Sarah tells Jack that she does not want to get involved in farming, but that she doesn't know what else to do. Sam spills a pint of milk in the kitchen at Home Farm. Sarah tells Jack that she doesn't mind looking after Robert when the village playgroup closes down. Alan complains to Frank about Jock. Sam lets a frog loose in the kitchen, just as Alan, Joe and Nick arrive. Frank tries to belittle Joe when he comes to see him with a business proposal. Alan gives Elsa a bunch of flowers from Nick and she bursts into tears. Joe asks Frank for 75 acres of his land for beef grazing. He explains that he needs the land for the animals he injected with steroids to graze on as he cannot sell them for a couple of years. Frank says he wants 10% of the gross before he will even consider the deal. He later telephones Jack and asks to see him.


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