Jack is gloating about his win over Joe. Joe is sulking. Kathy is pleased to hear that she will be in charge of the sheep at Emmerdale Farm. Joe and Jack argue again as Joe hints that Sarah should do some work on the farm. Frank and Kim go for a walk up to the barn conversion. Frank is surprised to see Michael looking around. They clash and Michael tells him that he didn't cause the fire, but that he is glad it burnt down anyway. Rachel is ecstatic as she has finished her exams. Jack talks to Frank about the land Emmerdale Farm is going to rent. Dolly and Kim argue about Sam making his presence felt at Home Farm. Kim doesn't seem to appreciate that Sam is only seven years old. Rachel tries to give Elsa some advice. Kathy apologises to Nick for the way she spoke to him. She is surprised when he tells her that he is going to marry Elsa. Joe is furious to discover 3 Demdyke Row in a mess when he shows prospective buyers round. Kathy and Chris discuss Nick's problem. Nick tells Rachel that he wants to marry Elsa, she tells him not to rush into anything. Sarah talks to Jack about organic sheep. She seems to know a lot and this surprises him. Joe receives an offer on 3 Demdyke Row for £57,000 from a mystery buyer. Kim entertains Mr Henderson from the Demdale Hunt. He criticises the trout prepared by Dolly and supplied by Alan. The Sugden clan gather in The Woolpack for drinks. Kate organises a party for Rachel in the Village Hall. Mr Henderson tries to discuss the hunt with Frank, but they are interrupted by Sam. Kim flares up at Dolly and she walks out telling Kim that she can send her wages on.


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