Nick is anxious to hear from Elsa. Kim tells Dolly to go to bed as she is not feeling well. Rachel is impressed to hear that Sarah has travelled widely and took a year off after her A-levels. Jack is amused to hear Archie say that he is going to become a blacksmith. Zoe and Seth set a trap for the vixen. Nick confronts Elizabeth and demands to know where Elsa is. Elizabeth refuses to tell him. Joe, Annie, Kate, Rachel and Mark discuss traveling as Rachel ponders the idea. Annie says that she has never been anywhere. Nick tells Kathy that he thinks Elsa has been sent away to have an abortion. She tries to comfort him. Kim looks after Sam and they make a cake for Frank. Amos has got a stiff neck and Jack suggests asking Sarah to help out in the bar. Joe mentions this to Sarah and she is furious. Sarah tells Jack to stop taking her for granted, but decides to take the job anyway. Henry and Amos are relieved and Jack is surprised. Kathy is frantic when Chris does not come home on time. She asks Kim if she has seen him. Kim tells her that he might be helping Zoe catch a fox, she cannot understand why this upsets Kathy so much. Seth and Zoe manage to trap the fox and loosen the plastic ring pull. Kathy becomes hysterical when Chris eventually arrives home from a business trip in Carlisle. She tells him that it has been just like the night Jackie was killed and she didn't know what had happened to him. Chris comforts her.


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