Nick is convinced that Elsa has probably had an abortion. Jock is late for work again and Seth tells him off. Frank tells Nick that he is slacking at Home Farm. He warns him to pull his socks up. Zoe receives some posters in the post that she sent off for, reminding tourists in the village to pick up their litter. Kate asks Joe about holding a surprise party for Annie's 70th birthday. Dolly receives her decree absolute. Rachel sets off for her driving test feeling confident. Dolly takes off her wedding ring. Amos has still got a dodgy neck and is dressed like Noel Coward in a dressing gown and cravat. Nick confronts Michael and he lets slip that Elsa is staying in Knaresborough. Joe and Henry discuss the farm finances and Henry asks Joe if they can economise in any way. Rachel passes her driving test and wants to drive home. Sarah refuses to let her drive saying she is too excited. Sarah then accidentally drives straight into a concrete bollard outside the test centre. Zoe begins distributing her posters and Henry puts one up in The Woolpack. Chris asks Kathy if she would like to work as his receptionist but she turns him down. Seth is suspicious when Jock buys him a drink and seems to have a wad of money. Sarah is worried about Kate's car as the oil is leaking. Joe is furious about the car. Seth realises that Jock has been stealing trout to sell. Henry notices that Amos is starching his shirt collars too stiff and that must be causing his stiff and itchy neck. Mark is jealous that Rachel is getting a car. Dolly asks Frank's advice about investing her divorce settlement. He tells her to invest in property. Joe gives Rachel the bad news - they can no longer afford to buy her a car as the escort is a write off.


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