It is Annie's 70th birthday and she receives presents from all the family - chocolates from Rachel and Mark, framed family photograph from Joe and Kate, a jumper from Jack and Sarah and a book from Amos. Joe and Kate are busy planning the surprise party for Annie. Seth complains to Alan that he needs a proper assistant. He asks him to get rid of Jock and Alan promises to speak to Frank. Kathy speaks to Elizabeth about Nick and Elsa, but Elizabeth says that Elsa is having no more to do with Nick. Kathy tries to reason with her, but she won't listen. Elsa and Rachel are talking when Annie walks in and asks what is wrong. Elsa tells her that she is pregnant and Annie is sympathetic, but advises that she talk to the father. She goes to see Nick, but Frank sends her away. Sarah pretends to throw a pint of beer over Seth in The Woolpack. Amos reprimands her, but then laughs. Elsa and Nick finally talk. She tells Nick that she has decided to have an abortion. Henry brings Annie into the backroom of The Woolpack. Amos cannot bear to part with the gift he has bought her - a book of Shakespeare's sonnets. He has decided instead to either give her a pot head or an elephant's foot umbrella stand. Henry persuades him to give Annie the book. Joe, Kate and the children sort things out for the party. Annie is surprised to see Dolly in The Woolpack, but she makes up a good excuse. Alan complains to Frank about Jock. Frank suggests he takes on Archie, but Alan is not keen. Annie arrives back at the farmhouse and is delighted with the party. Chris and Kathy buy Annie a set of two way radios for use on the farm. Amos reads Annie a sonnet. Annie announces that she is giving her car to Mark and Rachel on the condition she takes her to the shops when she wants to go. Henry asks Amos if he will go in the parlour to test out the two way radio. While Amos is in the parlour he collapses and Henry finds him.


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