Frank speaks to Nick about squatting in 3 Demdyke Row. He warns him to sort it out, or reconsider his position at Home Farm. Rachel helps Kathy take some sheep to Hotten Market. Eric remarks that the vet will be taking a close look at them. Amos has Henry running round after him. Frank is feeling guilty about missing Zoe's graduation. He gives her a diamond brooch for a present. Eric teases Joe asking him what he has been feeding his sheep on. Joe reminds him about the incident with Debbie. Elsa tells Nick that Elizabeth wants to see him. Frank warns Joe that he will drop out of buying 3 Demdyke Row if the squatters do not leave. Amos keeps summoning Henry with a bell. Joe becomes more depressed when his lambs only fetch £37 a head at market. Bill depresses everyone in The Woolpack by talking about stroke victims. Rachel arrives for her interview with Chris. He is not impressed by her scruffy appearance and casual dress. Annie brings Amos her two way radios for him to use with Henry. Rachel does not think her interview went very well. Joe offers Nick and Archie £500 each to leave 3 Demdyke Row. Archie is tempted, but Nick stands firm. Amos talks Sarah through changing a barrel using the walkie talkies. Nick and Elsa tell Elizabeth that they want to get married and have the baby. She says that she will do everything she can to stop them getting married.


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