Annie is busy making a bed for Kate's friend, Fran. Rachel is pleased to hear that she has got the job as receptionist at Frank Tate & Son Haulage Contractor. Elsa tries to organise Nick and Archie at 3 Demdyke Row. Amos tells Henry that he wants to make his will. Pete calls at Emmerdale Farm to see Rachel. He still seems keen on her. They narrowly avoid Kate seeing them chat. Dolly and Sam leave for Norfolk. Frank is surprised when Kim says that she will miss Sam. Pete admits to Rachel that he has missed her and wants to get back with her. She is not convinced, but they kiss and agree to meet later. Nick sees Jock about joining a union and standing up to Frank. Kate is not happy to see Pete. Nick tries to threaten Frank, but it doesn't quite work. Kate confronts Rachel, realising she was with him at the farm earlier and they row. Fran turns up at the farm and distracts Kate from her work, much to Joe's annoyance. Annie does not approve of Fran especially when she asks if she can smoke in the farmhouse. Kathy asks Jack and Joe if she can have two weeks holiday and they agree knowing that Kathy will be away for the anniversary of Jackie's death. Bill offers to sell Amos his coffin as The Woolpack customers discuss will-making. Kate and Fran slowly get drunk and chatter about old times. She forgets to make the supper for everyone. Frank calls to see Elizabeth and asks her to help get Nick and Elsa out of 3 Demdyke Row. He suggests that she offer them a room at Blackthorn Farm, but Elizabeth is not happy with his manner and asks him to leave.


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