It is Rachel's first day at work and she misses her bus. Elsa tells Archie to clean up 3 Demdyke Row. Rachel asks Pete to give her a lift into Skipdale and promises a kiss if she is on time. Henry tells Amos that Beckindale is to get a new curate - a young man from London. He tries to encourage Amos to do his physiotherapy exercises, but he is feeling a bit depressed about being so immobile. Joe is annoyed when Kate neglects her farm work to spend time with Fran. Eric refuses to answer a telephone call from Councillor Charlie Aindow and seems to begin to panic. Elizabeth calls at 3 Demdyke Row and tells Nick and Elsa that she has a proposition to put to them. She asks Nick and Elsa if they want to come and live at Blackthorn Farm, adding that she still does not approve of them wanting to get married. Archie calls to see Zoe and asks her for a drink. She tries to cure his fear of animals by showing him a garter snake, but he runs out of the surgery. Rachel finds the switchboard difficult to operate and ends up losing some calls. Frank thinks of pulling out of buying 3 Demdyke Row. Charlie comes into The Woolpack looking for Eric. Rachel talks to Fran about Pete. Charlie tracks down Eric - it seems that Eric borrowed £2,000 from Charlie for Debbie's business and now wants he wants his money back and soon.


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