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Joe is not pleased when Kate goes for a day out in Leeds with Fran. Nick tells Frank that that he and Elsa are moving out of 3 Demdyke Row, but that Archie is staying put. Rachel agrees to see Pete for lunch. Frank asks Dolly's advice about getting Archie out of 3 Demdyke Row. Jack tells Joe that he's behaving as though he is jealous of Fran. Kate decides to buy an expensive dress in Leeds. Jack is delighted when Sarah offers to help on the farm. She isn't happy though, when a cow stands on her foot. Zoe is upset when she may have to put down a healthy dog because the owners do not want it. Pete visits Rachel at work. Dolly visits Archie and warns him that he is dealing with two of the most powerful families in Beckindale. Eric panics when Charlie Aindow calls at the market and asks for his £2,000, reminding Eric that he is Chairman of the Markets Committee and could make things difficult for him. Henry tries to encourage Amos to do his exercise, but they argue when Amos says he doesn't want to. Archie worries when he has a near miss with one of Frank's lorries. Pete tells Rachel that he has missed her. Kate shows Joe her new dress, he is not impressed. Eric asks Alan if he can borrow £2,000, but Alan does not have the money. Kim admits to Dolly that she would like to have a baby. Elizabeth tells Nick that he and Elsa have to sleep in separate rooms. Kate is worried when Rachel is late home and is sure that she must be with Pete.


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