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Kate is driving the combine harvester when it hits some metal and stops. Chris impresses Caroline and she tells Kathy how lucky she is. Kate thinks that she is a jinx when the combine is damaged. Frank is going to see the doctor about having his vasectomy reversed. Elizabeth calls to see Nick as Elsa has been taken into hospital. Caroline calls round to the fish farm and Alan panics when he thinks that she may be after a share of the profits. She spots Jock hiding a box of fish. Nick is worried about Elsa. She has to rest in hospital. Frank arrives back from the doctor and admits to Kim that he is having second thoughts. Nick talks to his mum about Elsa and the baby. She tells him that she is proud of him. Kate goes to the village and people stare. She starts crying and Henry comforts her and takes her back to Emmerdale Farm. Kim talks to Dolly about having a baby, Dolly thinks that she is referring to Elsa. Kate is taken away by the police to be charged. Caroline wants to arrange something for Nick's 21st birthday. they decide to have it at The Woolpack. Charlie and Eric fight for Dolly's attention in The Woolpack. Kate is being charged with death by wreckless driving, she has to decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty and Joe tells her not to worry about the money. Dolly accepts an evening out with Charlie. Caroline tells Alan about Jock stealing fish. She says that he should get rid of him. Alan immediately sacks him in the middle of the pub.


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