Frank clears up after the fire in the stables. Kim is worried because her pregnant mare, Copper, is missing. Michael is convinced that he will no longer be charged with burning Frank's barn now as Jock has shown himself to be the arsonist. Jack is sarcastic with Sarah when she offers to help with Robert. It is the day of the Harvest Festival and Amos is determined to go to church. He is appalled when he sees the size of the marrow that Henry is taking to church, it is not up to the 'Brearly standard'. Kim calls at the farmhouse and thanks Joe and Kate for their help. She mentions that one of her horses is still missing and Joe offers to help her search the area. Amos is embarrassed when his small marrow is placed next to Seth's masterpiece in the church. The Harvest Festival service gets underway and unfortunately Alan sits on a couple of juicy plums left in a pew. Kim is relieved when Joe spots Copper in a field near Connelton. She tells Joe that she and Frank are going to try for a baby. Jack and Sarah row in The Woolpack, he is jealous that she might be going on holiday with her friend, Gerry. Joe tells Kate about the Tates baby plans. He tries to persuade Kate into planning a baby when her court case is over. Michael is relieved to hear that Jock has confessed to setting fire to Frank's barn and celebrates in The Woolpack. Sarah tells Jack that she is not going on holiday and that she has realised just how much Jack and Robert mean to her. He tells her that he loves her. Chris arrives home in a drunken state after playing poker. Kathy is furious with him and storms out of their flat.


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